The  PANTA ®  SMD R  Jumper combines all the advantages of the SMD Jumper with the highlights of the PANTA FIX Jumper and is therefore ideally suited for difficult installation situations. Here , PANTA® SMD R are used as flexible PCB connectors for freely selectable bridging lengths  between 20 – 40 mm.


  • Enables a large number of possible layouts of PCBs in electronic device construction
  • Cost-effective connection technology compared to rigid-flex printed circuit boards
  • Better flexibility and resistance to breakage against step-milled PCBs
  • No additional manual processes by selective soldering
  • High temperature resistance
  • Automatic placement in the pick & place process
  • Reflowable (Pb-free, recommended reflow profile according to DIN EN 61760)
  • Subsequent bending of the connected PCBs of up to 180 ° possible
  • High vibration and bending resistance
  • Displacement bending stress into the flexible area
  • Reduction in bending stress in the connection area

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SMD R New Generation