Product Guide

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Power Inductors & RF Inductors

Surface Mount, Through Hole, LPF Coils for Digital Amplifiers, RF Chip Inductors.

Power Transformers

Surface Mount, Through Hole, Switching Mode Power Supplies, PoE Transformers,  Reactors, Wireless Power Transfer Coils

Signal Magnetics

RF/Communication, Antennas, RFID, Others.

EMC Coils

AC Powerline, Common Mode Chokes, DC Powerline, Normal Mode Chokes

Sensors & Actuators

Rotor Position Sensors, ABS Coils, Solenoid Coils

Power Modules

Point of Load power conversion modules for communications and industrial applications etc., DSP and FPGA power systems, and other high density distributed power systems

Automotive Modules

Choke Modules for Inverters, Module Components, Component Carriers, Power Conversion, Components & Modules, Xenon Ignitors,

Magnetic Materials, Ceramics, EMS & Flexible Connections

Ceramic based Passive Components, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Flat Cables Flexible

Components for Medical Equipment

Network Isolation Transformer, Isolation Transformer